Russian Hypersonic Missile Scientists Were Arrested for Cooperating with CCP And Died in Detention

Hypersonic technology is a core area of research for the new arms race among the United States, Communist China, and Russia.

Russian scientist, 54 years old Dmitry Kolker, head of the Laboratory of Quantum Optical Technologies at the department of Laser Physics at Novosibirsk State University. He is also involved in the development of lasers for medical purposes.

Russian Security Service investigators accused Kolker of leaking secrets to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and arrested him. Kolker suffered from pancreatic cancer before passing away. He was arrested by the Russian Security Service and taken to a detention center during his hospitalization; he died after a few days of detention.

According to Kolker’s son, as part of the scientific exchange, Kolker did lecture students in Communist China, but he was always accompanied by Russian Security Service agents. The detailed content of the lecture was also negotiated with the Security Service so that no information considered a state secret was disclosed in Communist China.

Among the United States, Communist China and Russia, Russian missile scientists are considered the “main targets” of the Russian Security Service (FSB) because they have access to sensitive information, frequent travel to conferences and meet with foreign colleagues. A 2020 investigation by Moscow’s independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta found that more than 30 Russian scientists have been charged with treason since 2000.

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