Bruno Wu & Hu Shuli – Top CCP Agents Plot Disinformation Report on Miles Guo

Recently, people who follow Miles Guo’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy case have been paying attention to a report published on Aug 5th by Brazilian “Russian disinformation” reporter Pepe Escobar; the report repeats the misinformative rhetoric and statements from other media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Boxun and Caixin, all of which have published disinformation about Miles Guo in the past few years.

Through the disclosure of detailed information such as the names of Chinese Communist Party officials, the location, and timelines, the report tells falsified stories of multiple Miles-related financial disputes in Communist China, leading readers to believe that Miles is what they call “a fugitive who sparks US-China war”. However, the readers find it hard to believe it’s an original article from a Brazilian journalist who works for Russian Disinformation platforms. In particular, the report lists very detailed information on Miles-related lawsuits only the court or the police department in Communist China could grasp.

As was disclosed by Miles, a frontline fellow fighter of the Whistleblower Movement revealed to him that underneath Escobar’s report it was actually another round of unrestricted media warfare against him, plotted by Bruno Wu and Hu Shuli.

Bruno Wu, one of the CCP’s top agents, has been registered with FARA since 2018 after he was found involved in the 1MDB scandal and Elliot Broidy’s case in violation of FARA for lobbying the U.S. then-president to repatriate Miles. As was revealed, at least half of the 72 lawsuits currently brought against Miles by individuals and entities affiliated with the CCP are related to Wu. In 2017, Wu admitted to Miles that between 2012 to 2016, he had paid Boxun, a CCP foreign propaganda media outlet, US$460,000 to remove certain false reports.

On January 10, 2015, Miles stepped out of the shadows and posted his profile picture on social media for the first time. Three days later, Boxun began spreading false information about Miles. Currently, Meng Weican, a representative of Boxun, and Bruno Wu are both creditors of the Miles’ Chapter 11 case.

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