CCP Could Squeeze Supply of Key Minerals Like Russian

It is reported on August 13th, an expert has warned that Communist China could cripple the global manufacturing industry by squeezing supplies of minerals, while its tension with the US has reached a new height.

As reported, experts have warned tension between Communist China and the US could have far-reaching consequences on global manufacturing, effectively shutting down many industries overnight. Said by Jason Kaplan, founder of Commodities Analysis and Insight, Beijing has significant influence over many minerals and commodities that are vital to the world economy.

He said: “…it (China) is the biggest producer of molybdenum and other is rare earth elements.”

Rare earth elements are used in many different industries, like electric batteries, magnets, machinery, etc.

Molybdenum is a crucial element used in stainless steel, as it adds corrosion resistance and high-temperature strength to the alloy, making it vital to a wide range of industries.

Kaplan said, “A few years ago they decided to clamp down on that, and as a result there was no molybdenum anywhere in the world. It sort of dried up overnight because the government decided to stop producing molybdenum from the disorganised sector.”

“That got a lot of people very concerned that if China ever changes the rules, the impact will be profound. And that’s without China trying to do anything on purpose. If they wanted to try, it will be much more serious,” he continued..

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