The West pledges More Than $1.5B in Military Aid to Ukraine Again

According to media on Aug 11, at a conference held by 26 countries in Copenhagen, Danish Defense Minister Morten Bodskov said Western countries have committed more than $1.5 billion in cash, equipment, and training to improve Ukraine’s military capacity to resist Russian aggression. The money will be used to supply existing weapons, missiles, and ammunition, increase weapons production for Ukraine, train Ukrainian soldiers and demine war-torn areas of this country.

The meeting focused on long-term support for Ukraine’s defense against Russian invasion. The defense ministers of Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic expressed their willingness to expand production of artillery systems, ammunition, and other military equipment for Ukraine.

In addition, Britain, which has already donated advanced weapons systems to Ukraine and provided military training for thousands of its soldiers, promised another 300 million euros that day, including multiple-launch rocket systems and precision-guided M31A1 missiles that can strike targets up to 80 kilometers away.

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Putin had bet Europe would be fed up with the conflict by August and the international community would go in a different direction. But today’s situation proves the opposite, as democracies, led by the United States and Europe, have been standing with Ukraine.

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