U.S. will Force CCP to Sign End-of-Life Agreement

According to Miles Guo, the Plaza Accord between Japan and the U.S. was intended to force Japan to purchase U.S. Treasury bonds, promote the appreciation of the US dollar, and make Japan a slave to US manufacturers. It is anticipated that the future agreements that the CCP will be forced to sign with the U.S. will cover a range of issues, including the economy, the South China Sea, and a series of tough policies that President Xi Jinping has implemented since taking power.

It has been speculated that after the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China, the side effects of policies implemented by Xi Jinping will become apparent. In other words, countries that are part of the Belt and Road Initiative will turn against the CCP because it cannot fulfill the promises. The European countries that colluded with the CCP also must oppose the CCP to appease the public opinion. For Hong Kong, Britain and Europe will certainly demand the CCP to return Hong Kong to freedom soon. Japan, whose economy depends heavily on the CCP’s market, must join the U.S. in taking down the CCP.

The only supporter of Communist China, Russia, is now at war with the United States and Europe in Ukraine, and both will be compelled to defeat Russia through this conflict. The Russian economy is almost in ruins now that many Russians have migrated. Neither Putin nor Xi have the time to take care of themselves, and they may turn against each other at any time.

In this case, what the CCP was forced to sign with the U.S. will not be an agreement like Plaza Accord, but an agreement of Taking Down the CCP. The U.S. will demand the CCP to retreat from the South China Sea, return Hong Kong and recognize the independence of Taiwan, Xinjiang and Tibet, otherwise the CCP will be sure to die.

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