U.S., Indonesia, Australia Hold Military Exercises

As reported on August 12th, an annual joint live-fire exercise from the United States, Indonesia and Australia was held Friday on the Indonesian island of Sumatra in response to increasing China military activity in the Indo-Pacific region.

A total of 5,000 personnel from the United States, Indonesia, Australia, Japan and Singapore participated in this year’s Super Garuda Shield exercise, the largest since it began in 2009.

The expanded exercises are apparently a result of threats from Communist China, whose state propaganda agencies have accused the United States of building a NATO-like Asia-Pacific alliance to limit China’s military growth and diplomatic influence in the region.

United Kingdom, Canada, France, India, Malaysia, South Korea, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and East Timor are sending observers to the exercise, which is designed to forge a joint front against Communist China’s military forces in the South China Sea. The exercises are expected to end on Sunday.

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