Important Tasks of NFSC in the Digital Era

On August 10th, Miles Guo said in the grand live broadcast that the global data centers will definitely be in the US, Japan, and the Middle East in the future digital era. In the digital era, the most crucial task of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) is to develop the G-series and to cooperate with global professional forces to share the benefits.

 Miles emphasized that in this new era, the essential resource for the NFSC are the people, the safety of the fellow fighters, the sincerity of taking down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and having a healthy and happy life. He hoped fellow fighters could have the mindset of law and morality and carefully protect themselves and their families. Miles pointed out that whether the CCP is exterminated, the NFSC people will improve and have the cleanest and safest wealth in the digital era.

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