Bruno Wu and Hu Shuli Attemp to Manipulate Miles Guo’s Case

Miles Guo fiercely refuted and exposed a recent ZeroHedge article that falsely accused him during a livestream on 11th and 12th August.

 Miles revealed that ZeroHedge is a media outlet collaborating with Russian KGB, and the article was written by a pro-violence and anti-American journalist with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This article seems to be a false shell casing, and the timing and logic of the article are intended to influence the lawsuit, which is equivalent to the fake shells for the opponent. When combined and packed, they can be quoted out of context in a legal manner in court, which can be manipulated for very malicious purpose.

 This article is an ineffective attempt by the CCP to use foreign goons to drag Miles into an unrestricted warfare of lawsuit, thereby framing him for bankruptcy fraud and contempt of court in the legal sense.

 According to Miles, the CCP’s agents Bruno Wu and Hu Shuli are the instigators of all the malicious attacks, and their acts only helped to make it more obvious to Europe and the United States that Miles is the person the CCP most feared and wanted to get rid of.

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