Communist China Deploys Global Military Force to Disrupt the World Order

On Aug. 5, Miles Guo said in the Grand Live Broadcast that in the face of Pelosi’s successful visit to Taiwan, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would not await its doom while submitting to humiliation.

Miles said the CCP is deploying worldwide, converting freighters, and transporting ships from Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, and Cuba in South America into military equipment and establishing military bases. In the meantime, the CCP will deploy military force to form military islands in the areas, between the U.S. and Cuba, around Hawaii, and Australia in the Southern Hemisphere. It is developing its strategic military deployment in the mid-East, Strait of Hormuz, Iran, Syrian Golan Heights, Red Sea, Dead Sea, the Caspian Sea, and connected with Russia towards the north.

Miles said that the biggest problem in Europe is petroleum and natural gas. The CCP will start the war from the Middle East, then the Middle East and Central Europe will be in the midst of the war. After that, the CCP could make troubles from North Africa up to the Middle East, Malacca, and the Indian Ocean, then come to the countries along the line of the Belt and Road, and finally, it will link up with the Russian-Ukrainian War to achieve the purpose of disrupting the world.

The U.S. has understood from 2017 to now that if they cannot eliminate the CCP before they mature, the CCP will definitely take action against the U.S. If that happens, the CCP’s actions will be very ruthless, even more than this virus. Miles hopes the intelligence of the Whistleblower Movement could make the U.S. and Europe really wake up and see the CCP’s nature.

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