Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan lobbies Canada to strongly support its accession to the CPTPP agreement

According to Free Asia’s report on August 1, three members of the Taiwan Legislative Yuan visited Canada from July 25 to 31 to meet with local political, business and overseas Chinese communities. The purpose of their trip was to lobby Canada to support Taiwan’s participation in the CPTPP agreement.

 During the visit, the delegation visited four major cities: Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. They visited a number of Canadian members of the House of Commons from all parties, who all expressed their support to Taiwan. Statistics from Canada show that among Canada’s Asian trading partners in 2021, Taiwan is the fastest growing country in terms of bilateral trade.with total bilateral trade reaching US8.2 billion, up 47.9%, the highest since 1995.

 It is reported that six other members of the Taiwan Legislative will visit Japan on August 4 to synchronize the lobbying work for Taiwan to join the CPTPP agreement. Since Japan is the sponsor of the CPTPP agreement, it’s role is critical to Taiwan’s eventual membership in the agreement.

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