Pelosi Blasts Xi Jinping Before Departing Taiwan

On Wednesday, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ended her trip in Taiwan. She expressed her strong support to Republic of China and slammed the threat from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against her visit to the Taiwanese Government.

 In a Taipei press conference, Pelosi responded to a question about the belligerent reaction of the CCP and its Chairman Xi Jinping, triggered by her visit to Taiwan.

 “But what matters to us is that we salute the successes of Taiwan, we work together for the security of Taiwan and we just take great lessons from the democracy in Taiwan.”

 Pelosi’s Taiwan trip attracted overwhelming attentions as well as tremendous controversies. The Taiwan stop was not announced in her this week’s itinerary to Asia, however was widely reported by different sources, as Beijing kept claiming Taiwan was part of its territory and threatened to take forceful actions if Pelosi landed on Taiwan. After Pelosi’s arrival in Taiwan on Tuesday, the Communist regime stepped up its actions and rhetoric – it announced to conduct targeted military exercises and missile tests around Taiwan and to send military aircrafts over the island’s air defense zones.

 On Wednesday, the House Speaker said that other members of the Congress have also visited Taiwan in the recent years, even though she is the highest-ranking democratically elected U.S. official to Taiwan in the past 25 years. In the just past April, a delegation of six U.S. lawmakers including Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Menendez visited Taiwan.

 “They made a big fuss because I’m the speaker, I guess. I don’t know if that was a reason or an excuse. Because they didn’t say anything when the men came,” the speaker said.

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