China Threatens Taiwan Through Military Drills

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s short and historical visit to Taiwan has successfully concluded. As soon as Pelosi left, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) military kicked off a series of military exercises around the island of Taiwan. In addition to concerns about the impact of military exercises on shipping and air transport, Taiwanese analysts pointed out that the median line of the Taiwan Strait would no longer exist, and military interaction across the Taiwan Strait would escalate to a new normal.

 Although Taiwan will be under some economic pressure from within in near future, this is not enough to give the CCP an opportunity to take advantage of the country. In addition, the CCP’s military maneuvers undermine the line of demarcation of national sovereignty recognized by the international community. This rogue behavior, violating international principles, will cost the CCP and the Chinese.

 More and more countries will stand with Taiwan, have more economic and social exchanges with Taiwan, and eventually recognize Taiwan’s national sovereignty. The CCP’s move will make more countries realize the brutality of the CCP and the nature of its apparent toughness and internal weakness. More countries will turn away and join the front of resistance against Communist China. The tour of important American politicians is to consolidate the international community’s support for the United States so that the CCP can be ousted from the international community’s organization later.

 Miles Guo said that under the leadership of the United States, taking down the CCP will become the consensus of the international community, and several major Western countries will act first to lead the world in eliminating the CCP.

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