The CCP Regime Is Entering the Garbage Time”

Taiwan time 10:40 p.m. on August 2nd, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan by plane, starting the first speaker-level visit to Taiwan in 25 years.

The visit to Taiwan can be described as the world’s attention, and the reaction of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is unprecedentedly fierce, previously trying to use the threat of war to prevent Pelosi from visiting Taiwan. What is quite comical is that until Pelosi landed at Taiwan’s Songshan Airport, the CCP had been transporting troops and the chariots were straight to the Xiamen seashore, but they only made an offensive posture. However, the CCP’s Foreign Ministry continued to issue solemn statements of representation and condemnation as is customary, which instantly plunged the CCP’s followers into frustration, disappointment, and sadness.

With the bankruptcy of the Belt and Road initiative, the world abandoning the Community of Common Destiny, the prevalence of the virus and the vaccine disaster, the CCP has lost the dignity and credibility of a big country in the world. With Pelosi’s decisive visit to Taiwan, the various factions of the CCP are becoming more and more divided. Especially as the Twentieth Congress is approaching, the competition for interests and rights between various factions will become more and more fierce, even to the degree of life and death. The CCP’s supporters, the “Pinks,” are even more schizophrenic. More people are waking up from this incident and realizing the hypocrisy and evil nature of the CCP.

It is conceivable that the leaders of more countries will follow into Taiwan, making the differences and struggles more and more intense within the CCP and the party leaders more divided. In Communist China, the economic and financial collapse has led to an increased possibility of civil unrest. Pelosi and possibly other leaders of various countries visiting Taiwan are not only declaring Taiwan as a sovereign state but also casting doubts about the legitimacy of the CCP regime!

The Communist Party is at the end of its rope and is entering the “garbage time” of the CCP regime.

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