Ukraine Mykolaiv Fiercely Bombed by Russia Army

On July 31st, Ukraine said Mykolaiv had been heavily bombed by Russia army, killing the famous food tycoon Vadatursky. The couple died in the event and their residence had also been destroyed.

According to reports on July 31st, the Major of Mykolaiv Sinkveki wrote on his Telegram that Mykolaiv had suffered the fiercest bombed to date by Russia army’s large-scale attack, resulting in 3 casualties, and 12 missiles hitting on the residential buildings and educational facilities. Following this, the Governor Vitaliy Kim said the home of Oleksiy Vadatursky and his wife had been damaged, and both of them being killed in this attack. Vadatursky is the founder of the giant agriculture company, Nibulon.

At this point, Mykhailopodalyak, the President’s adviser noted that a missile directly hit the residence of Vadatursky. It is obvious this attack was targeted directly for him. Hence, the death of Vadatursky was not an accidental event, but instead, an intended murder under specified planning and organizing.

It is understood, the 74-year-old Vadatursky owned $430 million in assets, ranked the 24th among the Forebuce’s 100 Ukrainian Richest People in 2021. He established the Nibulon Company, which is one of the biggest food exporters in Ukraine. Its businesses engaged in grain productions and exporting, as well as shipping teams and shipping manufacture sectors.

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