Bitgate Co. is acquired by Himalaya Exchange, Himalaya Coin (HCN) and Himalaya Yen will be recognized by the Japanese government

According to a report on July 20th, Bitgate Co., Ltd, which operates Bitgate, a domestic digital cryptocurrency exchange in Japan, announced that the company’s name will be changed to “Himalaya Japan Co., Ltd” from August 1st. At the same time, the name of the exchange will also be changed to “Himalaya Exchange Japan”.

Bitgate Co. is a company that provides Internet infrastructure development and value-added services through Fintech business planning, and started to provide payment solutions for NFT (non-fungible token) markets and EC websites at the end of 2021.

On July 29th, we learned through Miles Guo’s message and the GETTR account of Chinese Whistleblower Movement fellow fighter “Caogenxiaoge” (GETTR account: Sean6) that Himalaya Exchange has acquired 90% equity of Japan’s Bitgate Co., Ltd (99% of the company is Japanese employees, mostly financial experts). After the official name change, Himalaya Exchange Japan will fully carry out digital currency trading and payment business in Japan.

The transaction process behind can be described as thrilling. Originally, Himalaya Exchange Japan and Himalaya Coin (HCN) were planned to be launched at the same time, but there was a delay due to the ubiquitous spoiling of the CCP. As we all know, Himalaya Exchange is an international, market-oriented and transparent platform regulated by the financial departments of many countries. It is the owner of the only real stable currency, Himalaya Dollar (HDO), as well as the most stable floating currency HCN in the world.

However, the good news is that HCN has withstood more than a dozen rounds of investigation and research by relevant Japanese authorities in the past year and is now in the final stage of trial. Soon it will be approved for listing. In addition, Himalaya Exchange will also issue the stable currency Himalaya Yen in Japan in the future. The issuance and listing mean that HCN and Himalaya Yen, which represent the highest credit of digital currencies, will be recognized by the Japanese government.

In the future, Himalaya Exchange will also acquire and invest in Japanese banks, funds and trusts. This is one of the strategies of Himalaya Exchange’s global layout and will be unstoppable. Apart from the promising progress in Japan, Himalaya Exchange is in full progress in the United States, Canada and more European countries.

*Note: Perhaps due to this positive impact, the price of HCN has risen in the short term, with a maximum high of $39.6.

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