President Tsai Ing-wen boarded on the Destroyer to inspect Taiwan’s Massive Annual Military Drills

This week, on July 26th, Taiwan has held a large-scale annual military drills. President Tsai Ing-wen boarded on the Destroyer to review the Naval- Air Force Joint Live Fire Exercise in the Pacific Coastal area of the Eastern Taiwan.
This military drills was held amid warnings that the CCP would attack Taiwan from both from air and sea. It has simulated how to response the attack to the fleet from the rival’s fighters, shot the anti-aircraft missile from the frigate, discover the enemy’s submarine under the water from air, as well as wipe out the enemy’s air-force by missiles to keep the air dominance.
The patrol boats, commanded by naval during war, also took part in this military drills. The CCP military has been increasing its activities around the Taiwan areas year after year. It was confirmed that an aircraft carrier has been deployed in the Pacific Ocean off the eastern coast of Taiwan in May, with a record number of takeoffs and landings of fighter jets and other aircraft, exceeding 300 times.
Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen publicly oversaw the military drills to show the world that Taiwan is prepared to fight against aggressions of the CCP military. Taiwan has enough determination and capacity to defend itself.
In response, the CCP Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said “Taiwan’s attempt to confront China militarily is akin to a mantis trying to obstruct a chariot. In the end, it is doomed to fail”
Moreover, Zhao added, There is no hope to “Taiwan Independence”.

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