Florida Governor Strongly Blasted the CCP For Huge Purchase in Florida Real Estate

It is reported on July 24th that Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor, criticized that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) massively bought up the state’s farmland and other properties, and such giant purchase in U.S. real estate has become a growing concern nowadays.

DeSantis is public-known as a potential candidate in 2024 presidential election. To the above concern, he promoted a solution by beginning to ban so-called “undue influence from rogue states” like Communist China. Florida state has already banned “Confucius Institute”, which gives Beijing undue influence to U.S. higher learning system.

“There’s likely more legislative action to come.”, said DeSantis, “We’re also probably going to do legislation next legislative session about our pension investments, with things that may be linked to the CCP. We don’t necessarily have a lot of it, but we want to make sure that we’re cutting ties so that we’re not funding our number-one adversary.” This is not the first-time accusation from this Florida Republican to the Communist dictatorship.

The governor also accused the hypocrisy of Disney’s partnership with the CCP. He blasted Disney not-condemning the CCP’s genocide to Uyghur people and bowing to the regime’s movie censorship. He thought this is even worse than silence. Earlier, DeSantis said it was a mistake that U.S. not fully boycotted the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and sent American athletes to compete the game. He also criticized that NBC played a role to whitewash what he called the “genocide Olympics”.

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