Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Launches a Rocket with Experimental Facility to Build Space Station

The CCP declared on July 24 that it had successfully launched a rocket carrying an experimental facility for life science research to build its own space station. The CCP’s CCTV reported that the large carrier rocket “Long March 5B” was launched from the launching site on Hainan Island in the south of China right before 3:30 p.m. on July 24 (Japan time).

The rocket carried the experimental facility “Mengtian” to connect to the space station’s core facility “Tianhe” since Communist China intends to conduct life science research and experiments on plant and animal development in the space environment. Communist China plans to complete the space station construction by the end of this year and launch the rest of the experimental facilities in October.

Community China, which has declared itself a “space power,” is accelerating its space program, including unmanned exploration of the moon and Mars. Xi Jinping is aiming for an unprecedented third time as the head of the CCP, so people think he may try to gain momentum for his re-election.

In addition, this is the third launch of the rocket “Long March 5 B.” It was reported that in the first launch the year before last year, a piece of metal, believed to be part of the wreckage after re-entry into the atmosphere, fell into the Ivory Coast in West Africa, damaging several houses.

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