Beijing’s vaccine mandate aims to eliminate elderly first

Beijing has been the imperial capital of China for centuries. Since the CCP usurped the regime and took power, there had been many incidents of rental houses and apartments on fire that killed many people. In order to tackle this problem, the “wise and great secretary” Cai Qi ordered the expulsion of the “low-end” population in minus ten degrees during winter, causing tens of thousands of people being displaced in the streets of Beijing. Although there are people spread this matter overseas, Secretary Cai remained untouched because of his good flattery skills, he continued his corruption as usual and even got a promotion.

5 years have passed, the “low-end population” has been driven away, but another “low-end population” has emerged, that is, the elderly population over 60 years old. In the eyes of the communist bandits, these old people has basically no value and gradually become a burden on society. From the eye of the government, not only they have to pay them pensions, they are also consuming food resources, more prompt to get sick and need their medical expenses covered. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government thinks it is absolutely a waste of resources. Moreover, if these old people are not satisfied, they will go to petition. Therefore, the burden of “stability maintenance” for the CCP is aggravated. To eliminate such a population has become their top priority.

Worthy of being Xi Jinping’s loyal lackey, the “great and glorious” Secretary Cai has come again to give his master the opportunity to make “meritorious contributions”. He also exhibited his great experience in targeted cleaning up the low-end population and began to exhibit a unique trick of cleaning up the elderly population – administering the toxic CCP virus vaccine to them. The wordings he used in implementing this just make people speechless. He said, the vaccination should be concentrating on “attacking the strongholds”.

Despite the “100% vaccination” just announced has been boycotted by all the citizens of Beijing, but we can divided the plan into different parts. First, we will start with the elderly, and the tasks will be assigned to every person in every unit and and institution, as well as to the head of each village chief and secretary. Under this circumstance, elderly villagers get notification that they will not receive any welfare if they do not get vaccinated. There were also ridiculous phenomenon that some people knew that there was a problem with the vaccine but they still asked for help on WeChat groups, hoping that someone on there would pull two elderly people from their own home to prevent him not to lose his social benefits.

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