CIA Head: CCP must learn lessons from Russia if it wants to invade Taiwan

It is reported on July 20th , U.S. CIA Director William J. Burns said the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) is re-examining its strategic plan for Taiwan in light of Russia’s continued and difficult invasion of Ukraine. He reminded the CCP that it must have sufficient deterrence to seize Taiwan quickly .

 The director’s remarks at Wednesday’s Aspen Security Forum focused on the CCP’s response to the war in Ukraine. He described the Chinese Communist Party’s performance as “unsettled” when the Kremlin’s initial offensive against Kyiv failed. Burns talked about the probability of Communist China invading Taiwan increases “the further into this decade that you get,” while he also played down that possibility of the end of this year.

 “I suspect the lesson that the Chinese leadership and military are drawing is that you’ve got to amass overwhelming force if you’re going to contemplate that in the future.” In particular, he mentioned that given the lessons of Russia, it is necessary for the CCP to control the dissemination of information and supply chain before and during a possible invasion.

 The CIA believes that the question of whether Chinese leaders will choose to use force to control Taiwan in a few years’ later is less likely to be affected, but rather how and when they will do so.

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