CCP Is Using Vaccination to Eliminate “Enemies”

In a grand live broadcast on July 20, Miles Guo confirmed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is using vaccination to eliminate its “enemies” through a fellow fighter’s real personal experience. 

 Miles said the fellow fighter’s husband, a senior officer in the North Sea Fleet submarine unit, tragically died last year after being vaccinated against the CCP virus, as well as another her family member died on the same day after being vaccinated. When she reported the matter to the authority, the Navy leadership appeared very concerned and made a dedicated medical analysis, yet, concluded that the cause of death was unknown.

 The next day, after she and her family completed their funeral, the Navy leader raped her on the pretext of being drunk. Humiliated, the fellow fighter went to the Navy Department to complain. However, she encountered numerous warnings from the Military Discipline Commission. Finally, she was warned that if she complained again, she would be killed through vaccination like her husband.

 Before her husband was gone, he told her that the leaders didn’t take the real vaccines and asked her not to take them. Later, fortunately, she escaped death, as she didn’t take the vaccine. She was convinced that her husband and family were deliberately vaccinated to death by the Chinese Communist military. This led her to join the Whistleblower Movement.

 Miles pointed out that the CCP uses vaccines to eliminate its “enemies”, which is much more efficient than arresting or disciplining people through police or Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI). At the same time, through the Whistleblower Movement, with persistence and perseverance, we awaken people of conscience in the CCP and unite them to our side.

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