Military Exposure: Introduction to the 550 Underground Command Center Communication System of the CCP Air Force

The top-secret “550 Construction Plan for the Communication and Command Control System of Six Underground Command Post” was further elaborated on by the Fey Fey Show of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) on July 19. This plan is for the construction of the PLA Air Force’s battlefield communication facilities. The Air Force 550 is one of six subterranean command post communications and command and control systems; it was developed, built, and deployed at the end of 2005.

The underground command system will become the “Tomb of the Living People” whenever Xi Jinping invades Taiwan as a result of the stolen documents that reveal the egress, depth, extension direction, cement and steel grades, and ventilation ducts. Project 1 serves as a centralized receiving station and Project 21 serves as a centralized transmitting station in the 550 short-wave communication system.

In Wenquan Town, Haidian District, Beijing, Project No. 21 comprises of 6 signal receiving chambers with a combined area of 124.1 square meters. With a total size of 532.1 square meters, Project 1 is made up of 5 signal transmission chambers and is situated in Juli Village, Jiuduhe Town, Huairou District, Beijing. The major communication direction path geometry parameter table, feed line length parameter table, antenna configuration table, and other detailed parameter information were displayed to fellow warriors during the examination of the 550 project by Fay Fay.

The 550 Command Center may send and receive signals from the General Command Center 910 and is situated on one of the distribution networks of the CCP’s underground command stations. The 113th Ground Command Center (GCC), Headquarters Joint-operation Command Center, Maritime Group, Nearshore Group, 550 GCC, conventional missile, Information Control Center, Special Force, Skywave Central Command Station, Fujian, Southern Air Force, Shanghai, East Guangdong(Xingning), and Guangdong Air Force GCC are just a few of the sub-centers that are connected by the larger communications command center known as 910. According to intelligence, if the 910 center is destroyed, the entire system will fail to function, which would inevitably wreak havoc on the command capability of the CCP forces and disable them. Fellow fighters risked their lives to obtain such intelligence, and each piece of information exposed the keynotes of the PLA that could cause great lethality to the CCP.

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