CCP and Taiwan Are the Only Ones Left in the Dark Regarding Military Intelligence Leak

Miles Guo recalled the entire experience of obtaining military intelligence in his July 20th Live Broadcast.

Miles broke the news that the U.S. already had all the top-secret CCP intelligence that Miles had, along with updated intelligence information. Miles was told that most of the military personnel involved were already cooperating with the U.S government.

In addition to the U.S., Japan also had some of the intelligence, Europe got information from the U.S., and Israel also obtained it soon.

The most surprising thing was when the Taiwan military learned about this; they called it fake news and threatened its people not to talk about it. You can see how deep the infiltration into Taiwan is by the CCP.

Miles also mentioned that he had communicated with the U.S. intelligence community before breaking the news. Miles made it clear to the U.S. that if this information was not made public, it would definitely result in many casualties for both China and Taiwan if China invaded Taiwan in the future. He only formally broke the information after he was sure that the U.S. no longer needed the information and received U.S. consent.

Miles pointed out that only Taiwan and Zhongnanhai didn’t know that opponents had mastered the top-secret information on Taiwan. Meanwhile, the CCP military officials had handed out high-confidential information to the enemy countries.

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