Putin Scrambles to Visit Iran

On July 20th, it is reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Tehran, the capital of Iran, on the July 19th to meet with Iranian President Raisi and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In addition to discussing peaceful mediation of the Syrian civil war, they will also hold separate meetings to discuss food exports problems caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war.

This is Putin’s second trip outside Russia since he launched invasion to Ukraine in February, and his first trip country outside the Warsaw Pact. Putin first talked with Raisi after his arrival and met with Iran’s Supreme Leader Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei, and he plans to meet Erdogan.

Biden solved the oil export problem in the Middle East, and said that he would provide a large number of weapons to NATO. As soon as Biden left the Middle East, Putin rushed out to meet Erdogan in Iran.

The protracted Russian-Ukrainian war crippled Russia’s economy, and showed no sign of ending. Due to Western sanctions, Russia cannot export oil, gas and grain in large quantities, which means that its main source of income has been cut off. As a member of NATO, it is unclear whether Turkey’s President Erdogan, as a middleman, will go to Iran to meet Putin this time.

It has recently been reported that Russia will provide food and Communist China will provide currency and equipment to allow North Korean troops to invade Ukraine. If the it were true, Putin’s visit to Iran at this time is to tighten the economic ties between Russia and Iran. In addition, Japan has previously announced that there will be no upper limit on military spending in 2023, and it will develop its military and restore the previous 1,000-kilometer defense circle plan.

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