Guam Needs Immediate Defense Preparations Against Communist China

Brent Sadler, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a U.S. think tank, said that the United States must immediately upgrade the defenses of Guam, a key military base in the Pacific Ocean, in response to an almost certain and ready attack from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Taiwan media reported on July 17th.

Despite a decade of efforts to adequately defend Guam, the U.S. current military’s defense program cannot immediately strengthen Guam’s missile defenses, including the deployment of an Army Terminal High Altitude Defense System (THAAD), as well as aircraft carriers and destroyers with ballistic missile defense capabilities, said Sadler. He noted that the Pentagon’s latest announced plans to strengthen missile defenses of Guam in 2028 may be too late to protect the island from CCP’s attack.

Many experts have repeatedly warned previously that in the event of a CCP’s invasion over Taiwan, CCP would almost certainly attack Guam at the same time. As the war in Ukraine continues, the possibility of war in the Taiwan Strait is rising. Sadler urged American military to take immediate action to upgrade Guam’s defense capabilities as a top priority.

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