Protest against Shanghai’s “Zero COVID” Policy: Singing the National Anthem

Shanghai is still mostly under lockdown, and if a positive case is discovered, the entire community will be quarantined. Some Shanghai citizens decided to leave the city, while others had to protest against the lockdown policy as it became unbearable.

In this video, locals protest by singing the national anthem and yelling “end the lockdown, end the lockdown.” During the confrontation with the police, there is no violence.

An official then appeared, holding a loudspeaker and told the crowd that the lockdown would not be lifted until the next day, when all the people had done CCP virus tests. The public was distrustful of this official’s speech and questioned this person and the possibility of lifting the lockdown, and asked “what if the promise is once again broken by the government”?

It’s not known if the lockdown was lifted from this video. CCP’s arbitrary lockdown of cities, factories, and shops have already severely affected the daily lives of Chinese.

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Translator: MOS Translation Team – Freelittlefish (tungsten)
Design&editor: HBamboo(昆仑竹)

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