Chinese People are the Human Shield of the Chinese Communist Party if War Happens

Miles Guo denounced in a Gettr video on July 18th that fellow fighters obtained Communist China’s military intelligence by risking their lives. The intelligence shows that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began its strategic deployment and military preparations of the navy and air force to attack Taiwan as early as 2005. They built many military facilities underground in the densely populated areas where schools, kindergartens, and nursing homes are located. Laobaixing (ordinary Chinese people) will be the CCP’s first human shield if a war happens.

Miles Guo said that historically, normal countries had followed this military defense principle: military facilities and soldiers shouldn’t be hidden in populated areas, and ordinary people, especially women, children, and livelihoods unrelated to war, shouldn’t be put at risk during a war. This principle became an international convention after World War II. However, after taking control of China in 1949, the CCP built military facilities in the most prosperous locations of all cities in China, using kindergartens, nursing homes, and hospitals to cover their military facilities. Miles condemned that the CCP intends to have the elderly, children, women, and patients as hostages when attacking Taiwan and the United States.

Miles said that a devastating nuclear attack could destroy the world. When a war happens, only Laobaixing will be hit. All the bunkers built by the CCP are only for protecting the CCP leaders. The evil of the CCP is manifested in the fact that all Chinese people can die in exchange for preserving the CCP leaders. It is a typical military and terrorist abduction of the Chinese people. The CCP’s evil transcends the bottom line of humanity.

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