PLA Air Force Project 910 (Part III) – Video Conference System

On July 18th, the Whistleblower Movement disclosed more details of the classified documents of Project 910, a project of PLA Air Force Command’s underground communication system; the classified documents include reports of engineering construction and the arrangement of multiple construction tasks, one of the construction tasks is video conference system.

The Project 910 video conference system is an important part of the communication system engineering of the Air Force 910 underground command post. Two sets of conference television systems are designed for this project. One set is the M2T300 broadcast-grade audio and video system, which is used for the video conference transmission of the joint command of the Project 910 underground command post and the headquarters. A set of ZXMVC8900 conference TV system of ZTE Corporation is used for Project 910 underground command post to face up and Project 550 underground command post, to face down and three campaign directions, two regional combined command posts and the underground of Guangzhou Air Force, Nanjing Air Force, and Airborne 15th Army. Conference video transmission from the command post and the Skywave Brigade.

The construction of the video conference system of the underground command post of Project 910 follows the guiding ideology of unified planning and step-by-step construction. First, the construction of the main node communication hub and the command unit will be completed, and then the access of the basic combat unit will be considered. This project designs and installs 8 node stations of the MCU (multipoint control unit) video conferencing system. Namely: Project 910 projection monitoring room, Shanghai direction, Fujian direction, Guangdong direction, Zhangzhou area, Guangzhou Air Force underground command, Nanjing Air Force underground, Project 550 projection monitoring room, etc.

This project designs and installs 63 nodes of 4050B video conferencing terminal. Namely: 28 airfields, 20 ground-guided units, 9 radar brigades (regiments) and technical reconnaissance units, and 8 electronic countermeasure units. This project equipment adopts Optix Metro2050 of American Tektronix, MVC8900 multipoint control unit, and MVC4050B video conference terminal equipment of ZTE Corporation. It is distributed uniformly by the Communications Department of a certain department of the General Staff. MVC8900 multipoint control unit and MVC4050B video conference terminal equipment were ordered by the Air Division Communications Department. The rest of the auxiliary equipment for audio and video is equipped with the command system.

Project 910 video conference project adopts a star-shaped structure and a three-level tandem system. This design considers the combination of above-ground and underground; short-term needs and long-term planning; new systems combined with existing systems. In this design, the two important nodes of Project 910 and 550 are configured according to the principle of interface equipment redundancy and key equipment 1+1 backup. At the same time, dual routing guarantee measures are taken on the channel.

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