India, Vietnam Signed Defense Partnership Agreements To Counter The Communist China

India and Vietnam are stepping up defense cooperation, aiming for enhance their military capabilities as the Communist China’s aggressive role poses a growing threat in the Indo-Pacific region.

 In June, the two countries signed a joint vision statement called “India-Vietnam Defense Partnership Towards 2030”. The agreement enables Vietnam and India to easily deploy ships, aircraft, and personnel to their shared bases. The host country where the bases are located will supply food, fuel, weapons, and maintenance services to each other.

 Defence Minister Rajnath Singh with Vietnam’s Minister of National Defence General Phan Van Giang during a bilateral meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam on June 8, 2022. (Photo Credit: Defence Ministry handout via PTI. Photo Source:

 India has signed similar agreements with Japan, the United States, and other countries. India’s Ministry of Defense said, it was the first such major agreement which Vietnam signed with any country.

 After World War II, India and Vietnam established bilateral relations. Since then, the two countries have boosted their ties by signing a series of major cooperation documents.

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