Mike Pompeo: CCP is the culprit of North Korea’s nuclear crisis, not Kim Jong Un

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in his public remarks before the 13th Asian Leadership Conference that Kim Jong Un believed that U.S. was proposing the right path, but in fact Chinese dictator Xi Jinping swayed North Korea to change course. Therefore, the pending North Korean nuclear issue has been caused by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

 Chinese President Xi Jinping and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un meet in Pyongyang on June 21, 2019. (Photo Credit: AFP Photo Source: scmp.com)

 Pompeo further pointed out that Communist China regarded North Korea as an important buffer state for them and an instrument to distract the U.S. Although Kim Jong Un wanted to move in a different direction, but North Korea’s economy, resources, and the material basis for the Kim family to sustain to rule North Korea all depend on Xi Jinping and the CCP, Kim has to kneel down to the CCP.

 Pompeo revealed that after he ended the conversation with Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang and left North Korea, Xi Jinping called Kim Jong Un and said: If you dare to do that with that Secretary of State, and you will bear the consequences! Pompeo summarized the root cause of the North Korean nuclear issue is that the Communist China has actually regarded North Korea as its own vassal state.

 In addition, speaking about Taiwan, Pompeo said, when I met with Chinese Communist Party officials like Yang Jiechi, Wang Yi, and Xi Jinping, all the talks started with the (Chinese side) insistence that Taiwan should be reunified. As if Taiwan were independent from the so-called People’s Republic of China! Therefore. Therefore, Taiwan must be effectively provided with the tools and resources that it can defend its country.

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