All Casinos Close in Macau due to Pandemic

It is reported on July 11st that Macau closed all casinos on Monday, a citing official Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media. This is the first time in more than two years that all casinos in Macau have been closed, as the number of new cases with the CCP virus has been increasing recently.

 As one of the world’s largest gambling cities with a population of approximately 680,000, all commercial facilities in Macau (except grocery stores and pharmacies) will be closed and the travel of its citizens will be restricted for the coming week.

 Similar to Hong Kong, Macau operates under the Communist China’s “One Country, Two Systems” principle, which allows the city a high degree of autonomy over local affairs.

 In the handling of this pandemic, Macau has clearly followed the radical “Zero-Covid” policy of the Communist regime. Beijing fully takes over the gambling city, placing it on lockdown and quarantining travelers from abroad in the event of an outbreak.

 The number of the CCP virus cases in Macau has risen to more than 1,500 since mid-June, according to Communist China’s official media.

 Hong Kong has fallen and Macau is about to fall into the hands of the Communist dictatorship. The CCP openly dictates the appointment of local government officials and allows those under its control to run the city. The administration and policy in Macau are entirely under the control of Beijing.

 The lockdown and “Zero-Covid” policy in Macau are not at all about controlling the pandemic, as said by Miles, but rather a need for the CCP to test the limit of people and for political power struggle objectives. Chinese people living in the mainland will endure even harsher difficulty in the coming days.

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