CCP’s former “Gestapo” deputy chief appears in court

On July 8th, Changchun Intermediate People’s Court (CIPC) in Jilin Province held a public hearing in the first instance of the case of Sun Lijun, former member of the Party Committee and vice-minister of the Ministry of Public Security, of accepting bribes, manipulating the securities market, and illegally possessing guns.

 The CIPC accused that from 2001 to April 2020, Sun took advantage of his position to illegally accept property directly or through others, totalling over 646 million yuan. In 2018, at the request of others, Sun instructed relevant personnel to continuously buy and sell through concentrated capital, which affected the stock trading price and volume. Sun also violated gun management regulations and illegally possessed 2 guns, and he pleaded guilty and repented in court, which announced an elective sentencing.

 Since Miles Guo started the Chinese Whistleblower Movement in 2017, Sun has never stopped the persecution against Miles personally and members of the Movement. Sun is one of the most vicious thug of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Miles has long said that Sun will definitely be arrested one day, and his end will be very miserable. What is very ironic is that Sun was arrested on April 19th, 2020, which coincided with the 3rd anniversary of Miles’s VOA Cut-off Incident. Whether this is a coincidence, viewer can decide themselves. But this is absolutely a suitable ending for Sun, because he reaped what he has sowed.

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