CCP’s Brainwashing Education Poisons Children’s Minds From Early Age

Miles Guo has said many times in the live broadcast that the disaster of the Chinese people is not only due to external factors, the economy, food shortages, viruses and vaccines. Instead, the disasters coming from people’s hearts, especially the selfishness and ignorance of the Chinese people, which have caused many disasters to repeat themselves again and again on the vast land of China. 

Recently, a friend sent me an “education letter” from his nephew’s school to the children. The school asked students to recite the contents of the letter about “good teenagers in the new era,” but when they asked the children whether these things written in the letter had actually been done, the answer was “never.” 

This friend is also an educator, and she lamented that the brainwashing of children is becoming more and more serious in today’s education, and I feel the same way myself. The so-called “red education” like this, on the one hand, cultivates the obedience of students, but in fact, it cultivates servility. On the other hand, teaching children to lie and hypocrisy from an early age. Although children are young, they are good at imitating.

They will slowly get used to lying under this kind of false education in school. Everyone regards lying as a necessary law of survival, tacitly accepting it as an act that is beneficial to himself.

The poison that this kind of toxic education causes to the young mind of the child is incalculable. This is why the New Federal State of China wants to engage in G-EDU, and why it must be true and cannot be broken, because only by changing this stupid education model can the Chinese people gradually get rid of the selfishness, hypocrisy, and numbness of the poisonous psychological haze.

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