Luc A. Despins Appointed as Miles Guo’s Trustee Amid Conflict of Interest

On July 7th, the United States Bankruptcy Court District of Connecticut announced that Luc A. Despins will be the new trustee for Miles Guo in his personal bankruptcy case. In response to the appointment, Miles said in a Gettr post that the trustee has a profound connection and partnership with Pacific Alliance Group (PAG) in Communist China. The appointment has an obvious conflict of interest and also reflects the infiltration of the U.S. judiciary system using unrestricted warfare tactics.

Luc A. Despins is a partner of the law firm Paul Hastings LLP, which has developed business relations with PAG in a $671M bid for Spring REIT. According to sources, entities represented by Paul Hastings include HNA Group, BioNTech SE, Evergrande, Binance and many other companies tied with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The appointment of Luc A. Despins could involve a conflict of interest in Miles Guo’s personal bankruptcy case. 

Miles Guo questioned the appointment of Luc A. Despins on his Gettr post, asking why such appointment will be allowed by U.S. Department of Justice. He said the appointment is unbelievable and that the CCP can heavily influence the U.S. Department of Justice. The absurdity in judicial processes of his repatriation case and many CCP-related cases raises questions about why it happened and who is responsible for it. 

Prior to this, a lawsuit alleged the CCP and Steve Wynn attempted to influence U.S. policy decisions by lobbying then U.S. President Donald Trump. The infiltration of the U.S. judiciary system accumulated over the years, as the CCP’s judicial unrestricted warfare plan intended.

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