Taiwan Monthly Reports Show 23% Drop in Birth and 15% Increase in Deaths

The Department of Household Registration, Ministry of Interior, Republic of China (Taiwan) posted the report of the “Household registration statistics data analysis in May 2022” on June 10th. The report shows devastating statistics of both Taiwan’s birth rate and death rate in May.

As reported, in May 2022, there were 9,442 babies born, a decrease of 23.24%, and 17,409 deaths, an increase of 15.23% in Taiwan compared with the same month last year.

Taiwan started the mass administering of the CCP virus vaccines on Mar 22, 2021, and until Jul 6, 2022, Taiwan has administered 58.39 million doses of “vaccines” to its 23 million population; Taiwan currently has the 7th highest CCP virus vaccination rate globally, with 88% of its population has received at least one dose of the “vaccine”, and 82% has been fully “vaccinated”.

Besides Taiwan, many countries are experiencing unprecedented birth rate drops this year compared to previous years: in Germany, the average number of births between January-March of 2016-2021 was 61,873. But in 2022, it was 54,871, a drop of over 15%; in Sweden, between January and April of 2022, there were 35,454 births, compared to an average of 38,085 over the previous three years during the same period, a drop of roughly 6.9%; Hungary’s government officials concern that the birth rate has dropped by 20% since the CCP virus vaccination rollout; UK has also seen 10% drop in the birth rate in Feb 2022, compared to Feb 2021.

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