Tokyo is Trapped in CCP Virus Spread

The number of confirmed infection cases in Tokyo today reaches 8,341, per the report on the status of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, aka Covid-19 announced by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, media reported on July 6th.

This is the first time in nearly three months that the number of new infections has exceeded 8,000 per day since 8,535 on April 14th. It is an increase of 4,538 from last Wednesday’s 3,803, reaching more than double the number of infections on the same day the week before for the 19th consecutive day. Of the newly infected, 5,218 have received two doses of the vaccine, and 1,571 have not received any vaccine.

The reporter tracked the number of new infections in the last three days. It shows a jump of 2,772 on the 4th, 5,302 on the 5th, and 8,341 on the 6th. Don’t you think this is a strange way to grow?

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