Russia Opens New Geophysical Monitoring Center to Monitor Global Nuclear Test Explosions Round the Clock

On July 4th , the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the opening of a special geophysical monitoring center to monitor and record global nuclear test explosions. Since the Ukraine invasion, Russia has been sanctioned by the United States and its Western allies, a behavior that is incomprehensible to Russia.

It is reported that the new Russian geophysical monitoring center was opened on June 1st. It’s main function is to record, confirm and distinguish nuclear test explosions around the world as well as other geophysical activities of human intervention.

The 12th General Administration of the Russian Ministry of Defense issued a statement saying, “Since July 1st , shifts of the Center for Geophysical Monitoring began to carry out round-the-clock duty.”

Russian and Ukrainian forces have previously been engaged in heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine. At present, the Russian troops has temporarily gained control of Luhansk region and turned its attack direction to Donetsk region. The UK Ministry of Defense believes that the war of attrition on the battlefield in eastern Ukraine will continue without any change for the next few weeks.

So far, the international community has not responded to Russia’s move.

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