Putin is Recruiting Prisoners as Cannon Fodder

According to a report on July 6th, Russia is recruiting prisoners to fight on the Ukrainian front, promising to pay them almost £3,000 and their sentences will be cancelled if they come back alive in six months.

The criminals were told they would be sent to the front lines to hunt down “Nazis” in Ukraine, an arrangement that suggested they would be used as cannon fodder.

Based on the report, Russia’s Federal Security Service, formerly led by Putin, is also involved.

If these are true, it shows that Russia is desperate to mobilize troops from unexpected places, which means that recruiting through a wide range of conventional channels is failing, and commanders are concerned that they are facing shortages.

Initially, recruitment was limited to those who had served in the military, but now it appears to be open to all criminals, although not including those who committed the most heinous crimes, and were sentenced to 20 years or more in prison.

Allegedly, these prisoners will be sent to the battlefield without passports or identification.

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