“Go Hong Kong” Banned and Singer King’s Film Off Shelved By CCP

On July 1st, The CCP had big movement to celebrate, but unexpectedly, the celebration film was urgently taken off the shelf just because the Hong Kong Singer King Jacky Cheung said “Go Hong Kong” in the trailer. Jacky Cheung also got attacked by the “Little Pink” (“Pinkyboos”) as he didn’t mention “Reunification” and “Motherland”. In this regard, Jacky Cheung exceptionally made a response, stressing that he’s an absolute “patriotic Chinese who loves Hong Kong” and he personally cannot understand the public opinion.

The CCP has used the suppression of the Anti-Extradition Movement to implement dictatorial control in Hong Kong, by not only imposing literary inquisition, forbidding all Anti-Extradition Movement related words, but also Surveil and control Hong Kong people, including both ordinary citizens and wealthy celebrities with no exceptions. Normal people might have opportunities to flea Hong Kong, but the rich and celebrities are trapped in Hong Kong as CCP’s cash machine and used as tools for whitewashing. Their wealth and influence have become their shackles.

The Hong Kong celebrities are used by CCP as their propaganda machine cheering and applauding for them in front of the cameras but with unstable glance and rigid face, like those pleading guilty on TV. Mr. Miles Guo, founder of the Whistle Blower Movement said that CCP coerced and lured these Hong Kong stars, which is tragic.

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