Beijing Mandates CCP Poison Vaccinations for All Crowded Venues from July 11

Beijing, China’s capital, mandates Covid Vaccinations for all people to enter crowded venues starting from July 11, Monday. Other public areas have limited capacity. Only the vaccinated people have the privilege to enter those areas first.

According to China Central Television (CCTV), Mr. Li Ang, the deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, broadcasted on Wednesday (July 6) that the new vaccination measures will implement from next Monday, except for those who are unsuitable for shots. Those crowded venues include offline training schools, libraries, museums, cinemas, art exhibition centers, cultural centers, gyms, entertainment centers, internet cafes, etc.

Seniors who attend senior university, senior activity center, and senior fitness should take the shot as soon as possible.

Mr. Miles Guo revealed that CCP expects 100 million deaths caused by vaccinations in the next five years. However, the Beijing government is still pushing people to take the shot with various measures while not taking any responsibility for any death. This action is extremely evil.

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