US Lawmakers Seeks Bill to Expedite Taiwan Arms Deliveries

On July 2nd, two US lawmakers introduced a bill to the US congress to track and expedite the delivery of US arms sold to Taiwan amid growing tension Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s potential invasion.

The Arms Exports Delivery Solutions Act was introduced on June 30th by member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Republican lawmakers Young Kim and the committee’s ranking member Michael McCaul. Kim said the bill seeks to ensure that defense equipment already purchased from the US by Taiwan and other allies in the Indo-Pacific region are tracked and delivered as efficiently as possible. As the CCP’s aggression grows, delayed deliveries of congressionally approved sales to Taiwan are undermining the ability to deter an attack from CCP.

The bill requires Biden administration to submit a report to Congress before March 1st, 2023, listing the approved sales of US defence articles or services worth US$25 million or more to Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, that have not been fully delivered.

It is also required to provide reasons for any changes or delays that the US in its transfer of the approved defence items while outlining possible measures the US can take with the Congress’ authorization to provide interim capabilities or solutions to its partners subject to such delays.

The Bill said prioritizing the defence needs of Washington’s allies and partners is a national security priority.

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