No more Chinese Communist Party 20th National Congress

During the live broadcast on July 3rd, Miles Guo spoke about how the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) 20th National Congress no longer exists legally after Xi Jinping amended the constitution for his re-election during the 19th National Congress.

Miles Guo recalled that in 2020, when the New Federal State of China (NFSC) was founded, the CCP claimed that one million party members had been arrested. Last week, Xi Jinping publicly announced within the party that five million party members had been arrested, in less than a thousand days.

Miles Guo pointed out that the CCP regime exists is to abuse China’s 1.4 billion slaves. The CCP’s successive congresses have created an illusion for the Chinese people, that in order to guarantee absolute unity of power and to ensure that they can continue to rule over 1.4 billion slaves. Hong Kong and Taiwan have become the victims of the 20th National Congress power fight.

Miles Guo also spoke about the intense fight within the CCP. He pointed out that the intense fight began as early as the Ling Gu car accident during the 18th National Congress. After the 19th National Congress, five million party members have been arrested, as well as the suppression in Hong Kong and Xinjiang genocide. The CCP has always used killing to concrete its power, and this has destined the CCP will eventually destroy itself.

Miles Guo pointed out that China’s only hope now is the NFSC. The amendment of the Pangu 7 Star Hotel is the strongest proof that the CCP is fear of the NFSC. He said that since the amendment, the Himalaya Coin has received big victory, the arrival of the digital currency era, the delisting of Communist China stocks and the big defeat of the Russia-Ukraine war. Taiwan is becoming the centre of global interest and a series of legislation has been introduced by various countries in respond to the situation among Communist China, Russia and Taiwan. All of these have fully demonstrate that the CCP has come to an end.

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