From the investigation of Wang Jian’s Death: Fellow Fighters of The Whistleblower Movement are Everywhere

During Miles Grand Live of July 3rd, Mr. Miles said, neither the French Ministry of Justice nor the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has as much information regarding Wang Jian’s death as whistle-blower movement does.

The information regarding this case in the hands of the CCP are only from those that the CCP was able to reach. Important information that the CCP was not able to get include, first, the surveillance video equipment of the hotel and restaurant where Wang Jian died at the time, and second, the first-hand interviews with everyone around the crime scene, and the third, the information provided by insiders of France and the CCP, such as the mobile phones of relevant personnel, all relevant documents from the French Ministry of Justice, etc.

In addition, Mr. Miles and the Whistleblower Movement have the wisdom, courage, money, and professional team to collect all the details regarding Wang Jian’s death at any cost, such as the address of the cemetery where Wang Jian was transported to Seattle for burial, information about Wang Jian’s family members overseas, and so on.

In the process of investigating Wang Jian’s Death, the fellow fighters of the whistleblower movement were involved everywhere. For example, Wang Jian’s niece was a fellow fighter. The person who helped to settle down Wang Jian’s family was a fellow fighter. Wang Jian’s 24-hour financial housekeeper was a fellow fighter. What is more, Chen Feng of HNA was also surrounded by fellow fighters. For example, the one who helped Chen Feng installing the surveillance camera was a fellow fighter. A flight attendant, Ex girl friend of Chen Feng’s son, Chen Xiao Feng, was also fellow fighter. Among CCP’s Ministry of Public Security task force investigating Wang Jian’s death was also a fellow fighter.

In addition, the boss of Wang Qishan’s security guard Pei Nannan, who was involved in Wang Jian’s death, was also a fellow fighter Mr. Miles accomplished what the CCP could not do with all its state machine power. It is obvious that CCP’s fear is deep in the bone marrow. The fact that CCP changed the Pangu dragon head into a turtle’s head is a proof of its fear. Mr. Miles said, he could be informed of Xi Jinping’s whereabouts three hours ahead. The fellow fighters of the whistleblower movement are everywhere.

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