Swiss Miner White Rock Launches Eco-Friendly Mining Operation in U.S.

On July 2nd, Swiss miner White Rock Management announced its first expansion of a new environmentally friendly mining facility in Texas, U.S. White Rock will partner with a green energy company to extract natural gas from active oil wells that would have been lost in Brazos Valley, Texas and use it as a power source for mining rigs.

White Rock said the facility would recover about 82 million cubic feet of natural gas using each megawatt of electricity; 4 million cubic feet of methane would be conserved for electricity generation annually, keeping the environmentally harmful gas from being released into the atmosphere.

Serhiy Tron, the company founder, emphasized that the facilities will utilize by-product natural gas from active oil wells, turning waste into a reliable, non-grid energy source. The operation will strengthen the position as an emerging player in the global digital asset mining industry.

The environmentally-friendly nature of the operation will be welcomed at the moment, when the block-chain mining industry in the U.S. has faced growing criticism over its carbon footprint and energy consumption.

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