Uruguayan Judge Orders the Government and Pfizer to Provide All CCP Virus Vaccine Information Within 48 Hours

According to a court order published on Saturday (July 2nd) , the Uruguayan government and Pfizer were required to submit detailed information about the CCP virus vaccine used in the country to the court within 48 hours.

The substitute judge for Administrative Litigation, Alejandro Recarey made the request in response to the suspension of vaccinating children against CCP virus (Uruguay was planning to start vaccinations at age 5).Pursuant to the Court’s order,

1. The government and Pfizer must provide documentation on the composition of the vaccine, including possible graphene oxide or nanotechnology elements.

2. Require Pfizer to provide data to demonstrate whether the mRNA vaccine is at experimental stage, and disclose in detail the approval agreements and legal basis of the FDA or other agencies.

3. The judge asked authorities to “explain whether therapies for other alternative vaccines have been studied” and “if not, please clarify why these alternative therapies have not been explored”.

4. Signed contracts between the Uruguayan government and Pfizer are also under review to check whether they contain “civil damages or criminal exonerations from suppliers for possible vaccine side effects “, and other details.

5. The judicial decision also asked for an explanation of whether a study was conducted on “a significant increase in the number of deaths due to Covid-19 since March 2021 compared to the previous year.” (Uruguayan coronavirus vaccinations that began in early March.)

6. Pfizer will be required to provide documented data within 48 hours to indicate whether the company has conducted a verification of adverse vaccine reactions among different groups of people.

The court decree provides for a hearing next Wednesday, July 6th, when representatives of the Residencia de Suárez, the Ministry of Public Health and the US company Pfizer will attend.
Neither Uruguayan authorities nor the company responded to the summons on Sunday.

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