CCP Falls Into the Tacitus Trap

Recently, netizens found an interesting story: when Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) astronauts were lecturing in the space station, the state of water in a cup violated common sense in weightlessness.

The first question is why the cup can be firmly fixed on the table, and the second is why the water in the cup did not float out, probably because of the effect of gravity. As a result, netizens questioned whether the so-called “space classroom” was actually shot in the ground studio.

From the author’s point of view, it does not matter whether the lesson was filmed in space, whether the cup was fixed to the table, whether surface tension can hold water in the cup in a weightless environment, or the scientific basis behind all of this. What really matters is the extreme “distrust” behind the questioning of the Chinese Communist Party is in the trap of Tacitus!

With Miles Guo’s accurate revelations over the past five years, as well as Xi Jinping’s craziness in the past decade, people have begun to see clearly the fake, lie and steal nature of the CCP. In facing questions, the CCP can only do whatever it can to dispel rumors, censorship and arrest opposer. However, It is absurd that rumors always become the leading prophecy, but now the public is more willing to believe the words of those who were being arrested. After going through the Zero-COVID policy in Communist China, the credibility of the local government which was previously trustworthy, has caused their credibility to become “zero” too after the long lasting and ineffective Zero-COVID CCP virus measures.

Currently, the CCP has lost its credibility, even the occasional truthful statement released by the CCP will also be questioned. What the CCP said on the International stage did not get people to believe and everything has returned to making deals, including transactional. In facing domestic propaganda, the people jokingly said “the opposite of the propaganda is correct.” The huge mistrust is deeply planted in everyone’s brain, even beyond any scientific principles and factual basis. The more the CCP explains, the worse it gets. As the saying goes, karma is real.

Within 100 years’s CCP regime, people have suffered for being deceived and the number of sins did by the CCP will return to itself.

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