“The Swamp” revealed that the CCP’s top brass regards China as their own private property

On June 28th, Miles Guo revealed the appalling indulgence in lust and greed of several high-level CCP kleptocratic families in his Gettr live broadcast. The “Swamp” (one of the most influential forces that are maintaining the world order, not to be mistaken with the ‘globalists’, which man right-wing Westerners also referred as ‘The Swamp’) believes that in the eyes of the CCP’s top brass, the Chinese people are just one of the many organisms in the country that are “breathing and moving, perhaps slightly more useful than animals”, and said that the highest rank in the CCP regard the entire country as their own private property.CCP kleptocratic top brass (starting from left): Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan

Picture retrieved from internet, likely created by NFSC fellow fighters

It is said that Xi Jinping is not greedy for money, but he enjoys wines and “have fun” with girls. Xi doesn’t really care about the girl’s age, as long as she looked beautiful enough in his eyes, then he will go for it. There was a time, Xi went to the restaurant and he spotted a nice girl. He directly asked the young girl to come over for a hug, then proceed to take off her pants and caress her belly. At the same time, Xi “requested” the wife of an armed police officer next to him as well as his wife’s sister to join his sex party. The police officer’s wife and her sister comply with Xi’s request, but it must be noted that the entire family of this policer officer were honoured about it.

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