Pompeo Calls on Vatican to Walk Away from Making Deals with CCP

In a speech on the 29th, Mr. Pompeo, former U.S. Secretary of State, called out the Chinese Communist Party that it has consistently trampled on religious freedom, and committed crimes against humanity, and called the Vatican to cut its ties with the CCP.

Mr. Pompeo noted that there is a clear distinction between America’s allies and its enemies when it comes to defending religious freedom. Countries that respect religious freedom are more open, democratic, and accountable to their people. In contrast, those that trample on religious freedom are often closed dictatorships. He emphasized that religious freedom is the cornerstone of democratic freedoms in society.

During his time as Secretary of State in the Trump administration, Mr. Pompeo actively pursued religious freedom among the dictatorship countries, and particularly, recognized the CCP committed crimes against humanity and genocide in Xinjiang. He was sad to learn that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights failed to hold CCP accountable its humanitarian crime in its recent investigation in Xinjiang, which was essentially a visit tour guided by the CCP officials. Pompeo felt that U.S. and other civil societies needed to lead the way forward on human rights and religious freedom. With the recent arrest of Cardinal Joseph in Hong Kong, he said it is time for Vatican to walk away from its deal with the CCP, stand up for Catholics and China, and not submitted to the CCP.

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