A Series of Disasters Will Strike before the Demise of CCP

Miles Guo said in his Grand Live Broadcast on June 28 that the financial, real estate, food and humanitarian disasters created by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would strike simultaneously.

Miles believed that CCP’s finance would collapse with the crash of its real estate market, after which Communist China would be placed under forced control. CCP will use health codes to confine ordinary people to their homes and turn them into animalized slaves by food control and other means.

Miles further pointed out that although senior officials of the CCP’s National Bureau of Statistics privately told him that the current grain storage in Communist China could last until next June, the man-made disasters could cause widespread death in light of CCP’s atrocities during the Cultural Revolution despite adequate food stocks for 4 to 5 years and the bumper harvest. Thus, the food crisis will inevitably evolve into a humanitarian catastrophe considering the greater food loss from drought and floods this year than that in the Cultural Revolution as well as CCP’s perverse practice.

Miles said that there would emerge a major food shortage within the Communist China since May to August 2023 in the event of continuing floods in the next two or three weeks. Perhaps there will be no recurrence of the tragic situation in the Great Leap Forward Era, but millions or tens of millions of people are likely to starve to death. Moreover, if the flooding is so severe that discharge is needed at a series of dams in the lower reaches of the Three Gorges, the casualties and food disasters in Communist China will be unimaginable.

 Miles added that the stern test of food crisis would confront the not only the Communist China, but also all humanity in the next year or two.

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