US Sends Ukraine Another $820 Million in Military Aid

On July 1st, the U.S. Department of Defense announced a new wave of military assistance to Ukraine worth $820 million, including two National Advanced Surface and Air Missile Systems (NASAMS).

U.S. President Joe Biden has just announced a further expansion of aid to Ukraine at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Leaders Summit in Madrid. The Defense Ministry announced Friday, the contents of the military aid, in addition to NASAMS, four additional sets of anti-artillery radar and 150,000 rounds of 155mm artillery shells. The munitions for this military aid include those for the HIMARS (High Mobility Multiple Launch Rocket System). The anti-artillery radar is the AN/TPQ-37 system from U.S. arms dealer Raytheon Technologies, with a detection range three times higher than the previous AN/TPQ-36.

The U.S. and its Western allies have continued to ramp up military aid to Ukraine, highlighting the fact that this Russian-Ukrainian war has major strategic implications for the entire European landscape. Ukraine has clearly become the biggest bridgehead to block Russia’s westward expansion, and if it is lost, the whole of Eastern Europe will be lost. At such a critical juncture, the allies have no choice but to keep increasing their military aid.

Miles Guo, founder of the Whistle Blower Movement, earlier broke the news that the Russian-Ukrainian war is now in the stage of a major counter-offensive in Ukraine with the assistance of the allies.

The so-called “eagle-eating” plan mentioned by Miles Guo is not only to drive Russian troops out of Ukraine, but also to completely dismember the so-called “double-headed eagle” of Russia. He said that according to the current development, this goal will be achieved.

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